Wednesday, December 21, 2011, thread 1

The context of this thread was one of Andrea Rossi's experiments.  There was a great deal of skepticism.  A recurring theme was that without a paper to be found in a respected journal, it's likely that cold fusion is no more than a fantasy.  There was an interesting discussion of muon-catalyzed fusion, but the discussion seemed to conflate muons with heavy electrons (although I may have misunderstood).

One of the participants was a physicist who had sat in on a 2003 colloquium of mostly Russian scientists on the topic of cold fusion.  They were describing some interesting results, but he took it all as an indication that they were essentially incompetent and that the sciences were suffering for want of capable people.

There were few calculations concerning energy and none concerning transmutations.  Overall the thread dealt more with the scientific process in general (in an indirect way) than the specific claims relating to LENR.

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