Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interesting links

Following are some links relating to LENR which I'm taking down for later reference.

Longer threads and refutations
  • "Rossi's reactors—reality or fiction?",
  • Comments to
  • Iwamura et al., "Observation of Nuclear Transmutation Reactions Induced by D2 Gas Permeation Through Pd Complexes," in Eleventh International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, 2004.  Available at  Provides evidence of transmutations.
  • Gai et al., "Upper limits on neutron and γ-ray emission from cold fusion," Nature 340 (1989) 29–34. Available at
  • "Forbidden Science" (book).
  • Storms, "Status of cold fusion (2010)", Naturwissenschaften (online) 97 (10): 861–881.
  •, mentioned by Steven Krivit in connection with the video below.
  • Szpak, Mossier-Boss, and Gordon, "Polarized D+/Pd–D2O system: Hot spots and mini–explosions," in Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion, 2003.
  • Physics ArXiv Blog, "How to Transmute Elements with Laser Light," February 24, 2011.  Discusses this paper:
  • Dufour et al., "Synthesis Of A Copper Like Compound From Nickel And Hydrogen And Of A Chromium Like Compound From Calcium And Deuterium," in Proceedings 
of 8th International
 in Hydrogen
Metals, 2007.
  • "Band Structure, Spin Splitting, and Spin-Wave Effective Mass in Nickel," Phys. Rev. B 1, 305–314 (1970).  Talks about heavy electrons?
  • Focardi and Rossi, "A new energy source from nuclear fusion," March 22, 2010.  Available here:
  • Lochak and Urutskoev, "Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and the Leptonic Monopole," Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (book).  Paper available here:
Evidence for
  • Transmutations.
  • Electrodes in a cell hotter than the electrolyte, contrary to the usual situation. (Steven Krivit, video.)
Evidence against
  • LENR: Isotopes in purported transmutations (e.g., in Rossi's device) are at natural levels.  (Ron Maimon.)
  • LENR: Fusion of H+Ni -> Cu is endothermic. (Maimon says this is incorrect.)
  • Rossi's 1MW demonstration:  faulty calculations
  • Video, "2005 - U.S. Navy SPAWAR San Diego LENR (Cold Fusion) Research Lab: Infrared Measurements", (Steven Krivit.)
  • Rossi's US patent application:
  • Radio interview with Focardi:
  • What a different 12KW generator looks like in action:

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