Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interesting links (2)

Following are some interesting links found in the Oil Drum thread examined in a previous post, included here for later reference.

  • Y.A. Baurov et al., Experimental investigation of changes in beta-decay count rate of radioactive elements. Phys. At. Nucl. 70(11), 1825–1835 (2007)
  • Kim, Y., "Generalized Theory of Bose-Einstein Condensation Nuclear Fusion for Hydrogen-Metal System," Purdue Nuclear and Many Body Theory Group (PNMBTG) Preprint PNMBTG-6-2011 (June 2011).  Available at
  • J.S. Brown, "H-H dipole interactions in fcc metals," arXiv:cond-mat/0703715v4 [cond-mat.mes-hall].  Available here: and (the latter is a cold fusion source). 
  • Campari et al., "Surface Analysis of hydrogen loaded nickel alloys," on
  • Vargas, P. and N.E. Christiansen, "Band-structure calculations for Ni, Ni4H, Ni4H2, Ni4H3, and NiH," Physical Review B, February 1, 1987.  Available at
  • Sargoytchev, S. "Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the BSM Supergravitation Unified Theory," December 14, 2011,
  • Krivit, on McKubre's results,
  • Robert Mockan,
  • Aleklett, "Rossi energy catalyst – a big hoax or new physics?"  Blog post with comments.  Aleklett is a professor at Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • NyTeknik article on Rossi's device:
  •, including a discussion of beta decay
  •, concerning surface plasmons.
  • Rossi's Italian patent:
  •, concerning the Italian patent.
  •, one man's attempt to investigate the LENR claims and counterclaims.  See also
  •, a bibliographic reference for a paper on laser-driven fusion.
  • and, NASA slides concerning a positive LENR experiment (graphs look funny, though).
  • NASA patent,
  • Francesco Piantelli's patent,  Dietmar's description of Piantelli,
  • The NASA slides (1),
  • The NASA slides (2),
Objections that were raised
  • Widom-Larsen: inverse beta decay is endothermic, and there is a 780 keV threshold that must be overcome.
  • Widom-Larsen: inverse beta decay at 780 keV lasts on the order of ys, where nuclear phenomena occur on the order of fs.
  • Widom-Larsen: its prediction of He-3 runs counter to the He-4 ash that is actually observed.
  • Widom-Larsen: it depends on a surface oscillation mode that cannot exist.
  • LENR: very noisy data.
  • E-Cat: calorimetry results based on outgoing steam.
  • E-Cat: fraudulent demonstration, carried out with a fission rather than a fusion (or chemical) reaction.
  • E-Cat: the reported energy density would destroy the device.  (The reports violate conservation of energy.)  One poster says this objection is due to a mistaken assumption of perfect efficiency.
Links to industry
  • Leonardo Corporation, Rossi's company:
  • Ampenergo, which will receive royalties for E-Cat sales in the Americas,
  • Defkalion Green Technologies, Rossi's rivals in Greece,
  • One poster reports that nickel ore is found in mainland Canada, Australia, New Caledonia, Cuba, Indonesia and Greenland, with the largest deposits in mainland Canada.

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